Plant Spotlight: Monstera Thai Constellation

Thai Constellation Monstera, Thai Con Monstera, Variegated Monstera

Thai Constellation Monsteras are a rare hybrid variety of Monstera deliciosa, a common, easy-going houseplant. This variety is known for star-speckled foliage mixed with creamy white and lush green. An eye-catching treasure to any plant enthusiast's collection.  


Thai Constellation Monsteras want bright indirect light the majority of the day. 

White portions of foliage cannot photosynthesize, therefore any green parts of foliage often have to work twice as hard.

The light must be indirect the majority of the day, direct light will burn a Thai Con’s stunning foliage, resulting in brown crisping edges. 

Like its fully green counterpart, a Thai Constellation likes to be watered once the top third of the soil is dry. Thai constellations are less drought tolerant than the average monstera, so it is important to stick to a regular watering routine. 

Thai Con’s prefer higher humidity levels, this can be accomplished easily with an indoor humidifier or with a pebble tray and misting the plant a few times a week. 


Browning of the Thai Constellation leaves, especially the edges of white foliage can result from a lack of humidity, drought, or sun damage. 

This variety of monstera can be more sensitive to chemicals in tap water, it is recommended to use distilled or rain water when caring for your plant.  

It is important to note that fully variegated leaves that appear completely creamy or white can be a possibility with a variegated monstera, but will not live long due to the lack of chlorophyll in the leaves. 

Chlorophyll - a pigment present in all green plants and a few other organisms. It is required for photosynthesis, which is the process by which light energy is converted into chemical energy. 


Toxic when ingested by people and pets

Fern way: 

Thai Constellation Monstera is a statement piece that would be at home on a bookshelf or in any central part of your living space. 

4" Thai Constellation in a 4.5" Almond Momma Pot