Holiday Gift Guide

Fern Gift Guide 2023

Here are some of Fern’s favorite products to kickstart your Holiday gift giving for friends and loved ones. We are known for plants and ceramics but as change of pace we have compiled a list of everything else Fern has to offer this holiday season! 

Zodiac Enthusiast: 

For the friend who is always asking “What’s your sign?”. Modern Sprout’s cosmic seed kit guides you through crafting your own origami pot and growing flower seeds that align with your Zodiac sign. Incense from California brand P.F. combined with Peaches incense holder and new Hibi incense matches, create sweet aromas for an overall relaxing vibe. Adding a white sage smudge bundle completes our set and some believe white sage helps cleanse energy in a space. 


The Best of Fern: 

Perfect for local Fern enthusiasts and plant lovers alike. Gift the best of Fern! 

Featuring our brand new ‘Plants’ hat in a neutral brown that will compliment any outfit. Our ‘Plants, plants, and More Plants’ tote along with a Fern Tee are both printed locally at Rivertown Inkery and are perfect for anyone who’s a fan of our shop. A candle from our Fern collection will tie everything together and give a comforting aroma from your favorite local plant shop. 

The New Plant Parent: 

If you know someone who wants to give houseplants a try but doesn’t know where to start this is the gift for them. Here are a few items in the shop we recommend for beginners. The book ‘Plant Tribe’ written by Igor Josifovic & Judith de Graaff explains “How to Live Happily Ever After with Plants.” And goes in-depth on plant care, water, and lighting needs of houseplants. Moisture meters are a beginner-friendly tool that assesses how wet or dry your soil is to help avoid the easy mistake of overwatering. A fine mister bottle will help keep plants in desired humidity and moisture levels, most house plants enjoy a spritz regularly. And lastly, a more innovative way of watering plants is with plant straws which connect a plant with a vase of water, allowing a person to see when the plant needs water.  


The propagator: 

A great way to be creative with plants is through propagation, which is the process of taking pieces of an existing plant and growing a new plant from it. ‘Root Nurture Grow’ is the ultimate guide to propagation through a variety of methods and will teach you exactly how to go about propagating. Mother Plants Co. rooting powder is an easy tool for helping root growth of propagations. Adding a bright Areaware vase gives an element of design to water propagating, paired with a trellis for trailing plants to climb, this is the perfect package for anyone looking to begin propagation or gain more experience with the process. 


The Host:  

For the friend who always creates a warm environment for everyone. Our new ‘Signature Cocktails’ book features 200 of the world’s best cocktails and mixologists, the sky's the limit! Adding Taper candles and candle holders will tie it all together perfectly, who doesn’t want cozy candles to light while hosting? 


The Flower Friend: 

This is for that friend who always stops walking to look at the flowers. Our shop's new flower press is decorative as well as functional. Add in a mini pocket flower press ensures your nature lover has a way to press their flowers while out on walks and adventures. Fern’s new book Edible Flowers is an informative book that goes through edible flowers all around the world going in depth on the how, why and when, we eat flowers. To top it all off, the Sydney Hale candle Agave and Honeysuckle immerses you in the rich smell of a flower garden without having to leave your home. 


The Book Collector 

The perfect gift for those who enjoy being curled up on the couch with a book on a Friday night. From our new collection designed by Alexis Tellefsen, a vibrant ‘Everyday mug’ is perfect for sipping while you read. ‘How to Live with Objects’ by Monica Khosrow and Jill Singer show modern design ideas through the idea that a person should feel connected to the object in their space. ‘More than Just a House’ by Alex Eagle tells the story of collectors and creators in spaces, paired with well photographed visuals of a variety of wonderful spaces. Both books we love here at the shop are about design and that are exciting to flip through and read. 


The Gardner  

For someone more in touch with outdoor plants than indoor, here is a guide to what Fern has to offer. Garden clippers from Modern Sprout offer grip-friendly pruners that cut stems and small branches. Two in one watering can that has a spout as well as spritzing capability is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Get lost in ‘The Garden Book, an A-to-Z who’s who of the world’s finest garden-makers throughout history. For a pop of color include a vibrant vase from the Modern Science project, perfect for holding flowers. 


The Seasoned Plant Parent 

What do you get for that one person who already has everything to be a plant parent? We got you covered. Here are some things every plant parent will want, even if they already have it. A moss pole provides a sturdy structure for plants to climb indoors, plants will always grow and need support. Good Dirt plant food is a popular houseplant fertilizer and helps promote new growth and keeps foliage looking happy. Mother Plants Co. neem oil and magical Elixir both provide preventative treatment qualities for houseplants, from pest control to shining leaves; these will help maintain plant health throughout the seasons. Our set of three plant trivets made from cork, provide a safe surface for recently watered plants to rest on to ensure they don’t drip everywhere and make a mess.   


The Homebody 

A nice cozy gift bundle for someone who prefers to be snuggled inside. Select one of our holiday P.F. candles for a warm inviting aroma. The speckled white mug from ceramicist Klei is perfect for holding your warm beverages while sitting back reading a book. Last but not least, self-care is an important part of staying home. Palermo's Detox and Clarify Mindful kit is the best self-treat kit for any homebody, including a detox body scrub, facial mask and tea tree and mint soap.