Momma Pots

Bolle Planter - Blush


 Meet the newest shape in Momma Pot's Gemstone Collection — featuring an array of rich, beautiful colors and multiple modern designs that are sure to complement any space. The Gemstone Bollé is round in all the right places! Your plants will love to have a little more space to take root in this sleek globe-shaped beauty! Every piece is made of food-grade, high-quality porcelain. All pots include drainage holes and water saucers and are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. 

4.25" -

4.25" (middle width)
3.5”(rim width) x 4.25” Depth: 3.25” 

6" - 

6"(middle width)
5.5”(rim width) x 5.25” Depth: 4”

8" - 

8" (middle width)
7.25”(rim width) x 6.5” Depth: 5.25”

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