Fern Holiday Gift Guide 2021

The New Plant Parent:

How To Raise A Plant and Make It Love You Back

Moisture Meter

Momma Pot 

Want to share your obsession with someone you’re close to? How to Raise a Plant and Make It Love You Back is one of our favorites for any plant newbie! Set them up for success with a California made Momma Pot, complete with a drainage hole and tray. Pair with a 4-6” plant from the shop, just don’t forget a Moisture Meter to take out the guesswork! Pro Tip: Pilea Peperomioides are a Fern favorite - low maintenance and easy to propagate, also nicknamed the “friendship plant”! How sweet!

The Best of Fern:

Fern Tee (Logo or Pocket)

Fern Tote

Fern Signature Collection Candle

Standing CG Pot (Speckle or White)

Fern x Proudhound Whole Bean Coffee

Cincy fans, this one’s for you: gift the best of Fern! Start with our Tote and a Logo Shirt or Pocket Tee, designed by Cincinnati’s own Alex Scaglia of Wolf Bomb Creative and locally printed by Rivertown Inkery. Follow with the stunning minimalism of the Standing Planter by CG Ceramics, local potter and longtime Fern Favorite! Complete the gift with one of our signature small batch candles, and our exclusive collaboration with Proudhound Coffee! A true hometown gift. 

The Airplant Collector:

Braid and Wood Plant Hanger

Sweet Roll 


As much as we love getting our hands dirty, the simple elegance and low maintenance of air plants is too good not to share. Paired with one of Braid and Wood’s elegant hand-crafted hangers or a wheel-thrown Sweet Roll from Badgerow Ceramics, the possibilities are endless! Both options can be styled with most small or medium sized air plants, a beautiful addition to any gallery wall.

The Interior Designer:

Case Study by Modernica Cylinder Planter

Kinfolk Garden

Ojai Incense + Norden incense Burner 

What is better than cozy-fying a house this winter? Any homebody will be delighted to spruce up their display with one of our favorite planters, the Case Study by Modernica Cylinder Planter, available in multiple sizes to home any large plant. Feed their inner designer with the Kinfolk Garden book, featuring 30 inspiring people and places around the world, sure to cause them to daydream these cold months away. With soothing sage and cedar top notes, Norden’s Idyllwild incense transports you straight to sunny southern California - a welcome escape during these wintery gray days!

The Propagator:

​​Root, Nurture, Grow

Germination Plate

Glass Dome Terrarium

Have a true experimentalist in your friend group? Feed their fascination with all the tools to propagate their plants! Root, Nurture, Grow will offer much of the information needed to multiply their houseplant collection. Equipped with Botanopia’s porcelain Germination Plates, and a Glass Dome Terrarium made by Little Fire Ceramics, they are sure to be successful in their ventures.

The Artist:

Living Things

Worthwhile Paper Curves and Lines Notebook 

Moglea Painted Journal Terra

Peaches Planter 

The perfect collection for the creative in your life! Inspire them with the Living Things, full of colorful illustrations of foliage and fruit by German artist B.D. Graft. Equip them for their own art with a hand painted Moglea Journal or the Curves and Lines notebook from Worthwhile Paper - both unlined and perfect for tossing into a tote on the go! Lastly, our colorful porcelain forms slipcasted by Peaches studio are sure to feature plants beautifully in any artist’s space.

The Perfect Host Gift:

With Co: Sweater Weather Cocktail

Sydney Hale Candle in Oaked Bitter Orange 

Hasami Teapot + Mug 

Holiday party guests, look no further! Set up your hosts with the cocktail mixer & candle combo of our dreams. With notes of apple, cinnamon, and cloves, mix WithCo’s Sweater Weather with your favorite Bourbon or Scotch. Each 10 serving bottle is made with fresh ingredients and no additives! Pay it forward by gifting a candle from Virginia based company Sydney Hale who supports animal rescues with 10% of their profits. Oaked Bitter Orange helps us set up the perfect vibe with our favorite people this season!  Add a Japanese made Hasami Porcelain Teapot or Mug to make their winter mornings that much warmer. 

The Fern Experience:

Four Eyes Ceramics Workshop

Kokedama Kit

Gift Card + Planter Combo
In-home Consultation

Give the gift of the Fern experience this year! Surprise a loved one with tickets to our upcoming Four Eyes Ceramics Workshop and create a one-of-a-kind ceramic chime! Each month we host events highlighting houseplant projects or a hands-on class with makers from our community (check out the Events tab on our website to see our upcoming offerings). This holiday, combine your favorite planter with a Fern gift card and bring them for a visit! We’ll walk them through each step of how to find the perfect plant (or three) for their space. Looking for an at-home DIY project? Our Kokedama kit gives you everything you need to create a kokedama on your own - just add a plant! Did you know Fern offers in-home consultations? Yup, you read that right. One of our plant pros will visit your home or office space and work with you to create the functional plant haven you’ve been dreaming of - the perfect custom gift for someone who has just about everything. 


Need a quick gift fix? We have curated gift wrapped sets to make your gift giving so much easier!