Easy Care Plants

One of the things I think we've heard most often over the years is some rendition of, "I have a black thumb" or "I kill everything." If this is a phrase that you've uttered I submit for your consideration, a rebrand. You don't have a black thumb, you've bought or been sold the wrong plants. 

We always recommend beginning your journey in plant parenthood with our three favorite easy care plants: Sansevieria (snake plant/mother in laws tongue), Epipremnum aureum (pothos), or Zamioculcas zamiifolia (zz plant). 

Lets start with our number 1 pick for beginner plant parents, the mighty snake plant. Their ability to handle drought and lower light along with being available in a number of varieties and sizes make these hardy plants a great addition to every space. We love them for their upright and narrow growth pattern and use them to anchor furniture in a room. Snake plants are also one of the top rated plants by NASA for cleaning the air, not only absorbing toxins but releasing CO2 at night, which just sounds cool and makes us want to put one in each room of a house. 
Next up is pothos. We love to recommend pothos to any beginners looking for a vining plant for a shelf, a hanging planter, or our favorite use, in the WallyGro eco pockets to make a living wall. We love the way they speak to you letting you know when they are thirsty and that they perk back up shortly after a drink. 
And finally the glossy leafed beauty of a zz plant. Similar to the snake plant, zz's are drought tolerant and can thrive in a variety of lighting conditions though it's best to avoid direct sun. We love them in all sizes but we cannot resist potting a 6" in the areaware stacking planter or using larger 12-14" plants in almost all of our interior design projects.
If you've wanted to become a plant parent and don't know where to start, stop into one of our shops, mention needing an easy care plant, and our team of plant enthusiasts will be happy to help. And lest you think that these are only for beginners let me assure you that they are still among my favorite plants in my own home!