Living Things

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Living Things is the debut book from German artist B.D. Graft, whose light, graphic style recalls Matisse’s cutouts mixed with Bauhaus-era design and Pop Art levity. In the 64-page softcover book, foliage and fruit play a central role, as does color. The book includes key works from Graft’s ongoing series of plants in vases — collages and paintings of gestural foliage emerging from boldly hued vessels — and emphasizes the artist’s playful side. For example, in an oil pastel titled “Pot Head,” a loosely rendered, fleshy figure has a big blue planter for a head. “Making art brightens up my day,” Graft explains, “and I’d like to pass that feeling on to the observer.” The book was made with FSC-certified paper sourced from responsibly managed forests (for every tree cut down, three trees are planted).

Book specs:

Designed by Affaire

Printed and bound in Barcelona


64 pages

5.1 x 8.2 in.

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