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Funnel Planter - Mint

$30 $76

The Funnel is a two part planter consisting of a 4" or 6" diameter pot, complete with a drainage hole, and a footing which serves as a water collection tray. This planter ensures your plants receive optimal water while also protecting your surfaces. Any excess water will drain into the footing thus preventing root rot and keeping your plants happy and healthy.

Material:  The Funnel planter is made from a water-based, two component, acrylic polymer/mineral resin system called Jesmonite. The exterior of each planter is polished with beeswax. The interior is finished with acrylic sealant.


4 inches in diameter x 5.5 inches tall (pot and footing)

6 inches in diameter x 8.25 inches tall (pot and footing)

  • Handmade in Edmonton, Alberta

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