Angus & Celeste

Art Form Vase - Large Cream

$36 $89
The Angus & Celeste Artform Vases are an organically shaped, sculptured vase duo. Their soft, voluminous, and fluid lines are suggestive of the human form. These original, designer shapes are molded from a hand-built clay form and produced in contemporary slip-cast matt-pigmented porcelain. They are available in four soft earthy tones. These Artistic shapes interact with each other and work superbly as a pair. These beautifully balanced and complementary forms, take on a different dynamic depending on the angle they are positioned and viewed. Rearrange your vase set to create varied viewpoints or enjoy each form as a stand-alone object. Undeniably modern, but quietly understated, these vases let the flowers do the talking. The Artform vases will accommodate long and short stem flower bunches, leaves, and foliage, making an excellent canvas for floral arrangements in your home. When not filled with flowers, these vases take on a sculptural presence while waiting for their next bunch

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