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Plant Food Read-to-Spray 32oz

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Easy, efficient and effective…Naturally.

Versatile – Can be used with any plant, indoors and out.

Convenient – Comes in ready-to-spray jug with a hose end attachment and and on/off switch. Attach it to your garden hose and feeding and watering is a breeze!

Valuable - Concentrated formula is easy to mix and goes a long way. 

Sustainable - Contains oil-seed extract, a renewable source of plant nutrition which contains “Boost Molecules” (amino acids) known to improve overall plant health! Not only feeds the plant, but feeds the living beneficial micro-organisms (Plantbiotics) in the soil to keep that “living soil” living!

Pathogen-free – heavy metals free. 

Note: this product comes with the sprayer & additional refills can be purchased separately.

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